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HR at the heart of digital transformation


Did you say digital transformation? How does this technological and managerial evolution of companies drag HR in its wake?

Equipped with ATS, HRIS, dedicated hubs, human resources change their point of view and their angle of action. Focus on the spectacular change in this management, which makes HR a full player in general policy and development.

The digitization of HR, much more than computerization

Digital or digital, name it as you please, both tell you about this immense transformation of companies, from SMEs to large groups. Human resource management got the digital ball rolling a long time ago. Payroll, electronic declarations, monitoring of legal obligations and automated distribution, management of time and activities: HRM software, like Swiss clocks, provides all of this essential administrative part.

However, the digital transformation of companies is far from being limited to the computerization of the administrative system. It evokes the birth of a new ecosystem, in which digital supports collective intelligence. The brand’s performance relies on that of its employees; HR drives this potential for strategic and managerial purposes.

Why a digital transformation of HR?

So, between digital transformation and computerization of systems, are we playing on words? The fundamental difference is based above all on the fact that this time, the priority is shifting from long-term management to that of continuous development of performance. The tools have the vocation, not only to simplify the activity, but to help in the piloting of the general policy. In the digital transformation of companies, managers are constantly at a crossroads: between individual expectations and the needs of the brand. Reflective, their digital HR tools allow everyone to find their way around. On the one hand, the employee situates himself in his career and his professional future. On the other hand, the leader uses analyzes and predictions as an aid to future decisions.

What are the HR levers of digital transformation?

When, for example, management wants to anticipate market trends, HR responds by acting on the capitalization of appropriate skills. The objective: to gain competitive advantages. The approach: place oneself in a dynamic management, that is to say observe one’s own evolution. The levers of action of the HR function are located at several levels:

Employer branding and HR marketing ;

The employee recruitment and integration process , attentive to its KPIs and constantly improving;

Continuing professional training , on the core business and cross-functional subjects;

But is it really new?

The tools of digital transformation in HR

In the digital company, HR software is organized around a commonly shared platform, which plays the dual role of tool and measuring instrument.

The ATS (Applicant Tracking SQystem): it manages the recruitment process in a collaborative way while delivering its KPIs. It is thus easy to evaluate the candidate experience, the profitability of campaigns;

The HRIS that feed your GPEC;

The LMS (Learning Management System), training management software.

Digital transformation of HR: who benefits from the evolution?

General management overcomes the restriction of downward communication. It has a wealth of operational information to measure its own value, to maintain its continuous adaptation.

Managers combine a collective vision with an individualized approach. A single tool crosses HRM type data (payroll, time, team sizing) with HR development data (evolution, internal mobility, training, GPEC).

Employees gain in autonomy, their feedback is integrated.

External partners benefit from the sharing of work tools or internal databases, thanks to dedicated access to common platforms.

HR is reaping a dramatic benefit from digital innovations. Supported by tools that automate while generating KPIs, they are now at the forefront of digital transformation. A definite opportunity to focus on their core business, people, and to express their added value.


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