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It Goes Beyond Just Social Media Popularity


New to social media or just trying to establish your brand’s presence online?

Obviously, we’re not going to recommend that you buy followers or use bots . These tricks may help you expand your subscriber base temporarily, but they won’t help you in the long run.

Indeed, only real Instagram followers who care about and interact with your brand have an interest.

Consult our guide to discover in detail all the techniques to gain subscribers without cheating and without paying.

Get more followers on Instagram without untying the purse

Step 1. Lay the groundwork

Step 2. Create quality content

Step 3. Make sure you can be found

Step 4. Interact with your community

Step 5. Always go further

Get more followers on Instagram without untying the purse

Don’t have time to read our entire guide? Watch the video below for a roundup of steps you can take to grow Social Media your Instagram presence this year:

Step 1. Lay the groundwork

Aiming for more subscribers is a good start. But this will not be enough to ensure the success of your Instagram account . This goal should be part of a larger plan that links your business strategy to your digital marketing goals .

Think about your reasons for wanting more Instagram followers. What do you really hope to accomplish? Maybe you want:

The answers to these questions will help you create content that will resonate with Instagram users who are most likely to follow your account.

You can always use stories to share content that doesn’t align with your main feed.

Before they can follow you on Instagram, people need to find you. But beware, not all text on Instagram is searchable. In reality, only two fields contribute to search results on the social network: name and username.

Your username is your Instagram handle. Choose the same one for all of your social networks, as this makes it easier for users to find you. Choose your brand name or a variation of your name that people are likely to type into the search bar to find you.

The choice of your name is entirely up to you and is subject to a 30-character limit. Avoid stringing keywords together. Only one, carefully chosen, will be enough to improve your visibility in the search results.

For example, travel writer Claudia Laroye ( @thetravellingmom ) includes the keyword “travel writer” in her Instagram name, increasing her chances of being found by people searching for travel-related content

Two-thirds of business profile visits on Instagram come from non-followers . It is thanks to this profile and your bio that you will convince these new visitors to click on the Follow button.

Make the most of the 150 characters you are entitled to in your bio to convey your brand identity and make new visitors want to follow you, including explaining what kind of content they can expect.

Step 2. Create quality content

It may seem obvious, but it’s actually an essential point of the strategy of getting new followers on Instagram. Every post on your Instagram grid should be high-quality and eye-catching.

Your audience wants to interact with useful, thought-provoking content. When preparing your posts, determine what types of content make you want to share.

Internet users, for example, love to share infographics. Test this lead by sharing your expertise with your subscribers. If someone embeds your Instagram posts on their blog, you’ll gain a new pool of potential followers.

Network users can also share your posts in stories. So anyone who wants to know more can click on it to go to the original post.

Story lovers are very active. Plus, you can add hashtags and use location features to expose them to people who don’t follow you yet.

Have you worked a lot on a story and think it should stay visible for more than 24 hours? Featured stories give you the opportunity to showcase your brand to people who view your profile. Insert a wealth of information and captivating content to convince visitors to follow you.

Don’t forget to customize the cover photos of your featured stories . Vega, a food supplement company, respects its graphic charter and highlights its natural side by focusing on green.

When users interact with your posts, the uptick in engagement gets you into the algorithm’s good graces. Therefore, these interactions boost your reach. This is why offering your existing subscribers opportunities for interaction will also allow you to attract new subscribers


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